Friday, May 16, 2008

Rubik's Cube Tutorial

I am attempting to work up a tutorial for solving the Rubik's Cube. Man, this is tough! I currently use a 6-step method that is a hybrid of the various techniques I learned last year. 1. Solve the 4 edges on one side. 2. Make that side the bottom and finish the first two layers by making and placing the 4 corner-edge pairs. 3. Flip the top edges so they are all top-color up. 4. Cycle the top edges into place. 5. Cycle the top corners into place. 6. (And very rarely since I use setup moves in step 5,) Twist top corners two at a time if they are all in the right places, but not oriented correctly.

Explaining how exactly to do each of these things is extremely difficult. Especially step 2, so I am breaking down step 2 into three steps, which, when mastered, would be easy to transition to the one-step version. But it is still hard to explain. I am hoping this exercise will help me to be able to explain my method to others. I want to have a printout that others can use as they are learning.