Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Happy Mothers Day

We went to Red Bluff, more specifically, to Grandmother's house, for Mothers Day. It was also Margaret's birthday. Twila surprised us on Sunday by unexpectedly showing up. She lives in Fort Bragg.

IMG_2992We played a little squidgie-dog in the street, but it was too hot to do it for long. I'm not used to the valley heat. So we moved the porch chairs to the shade of the lawn. We joked about the high-energy game we were playing. Robert took pictures while Rory and I played catch with the squidgie. Molly made some really nice catches, but it was a different dynamic for her too. On one of the catches she attempted she slammed into the ground on her back after catching it. And on one she crashed into me and my chair.

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