Wednesday, April 17, 2013

I'm in Pain

Roark and I were playing soccer. One-on-one. Now I'm not into soccer, but how hard can it be against a 5 year old? We had a long game, taking turns scoring against each other. It was really pretty competitive considering his size, age, and inexperience and, uh, my size, age, and inexperience. :D Then it happened. He made it past me up the hill. He kicked it across the back of the house. Instead of just letting him score, I tried to go after it and stop it. It was coming down toward the house. I was moving along the house to intercept it. I stretched my leg out to stop it, but stepped onto it somehow. Next thing I knew it was like I had been catapulted head first into the side wall of the back of the house. It hurt three places. First my forehead. Then my neck. Then the middle of my back. I crumpled onto the ground. Honestly, I thought maybe I would be paralyzed or something. Marae was inside the house when it happened. She came running. Roark beat her to me though. He got to see the whole thing. I got up and stretched out on the bed with ice packs under my neck and back. Now I'm up, and at this point my middle back is the part that feels the worst. Roark said it looked like a monster truck crashing into the side of the house. :D