Friday, June 26, 2009

Turkeys, Squirrel, and Blackbirds

God's gifts. Natural entertainment. When we got home the other day there were some turkeys up the hill. Got some pics.

Today I was watching the birds from the dining room window. There were two blackbirds. One was digging for delicious treasures in the grass, and then instead of enjoying the fruit of its labors, it was giving each tidbit to the other one. The "baby" that was being fed was at least as big as the one doing all the work.

We have a new birdfeeder setup now. We have a couple feeders hanging from the hooks on the swingset. I've removed the swings. Robert helped me carry the swingset up under some trees not far from the house.

There have been squirrels eating seeds that the birds fling on the ground lately, but today one of the squirrels decided to take advantage of the proximity to the trees. It climbed a tree, hopped onto the swingset, and made its way over to the full feeder. It couldn't get to the seed at the bottom though. It was entertaining, watching it try to bite through the chain holding the feeder to the swingset.