Monday, June 23, 2008

Understanding the Puzzle and Solving it Too

I think I am finally finished with my first book. Well, so it is only 8 pages long. How long does a document have to be to qualify as a book?

It explains some standard cube terminology, as well as some of my own cube terminology like "Up-Replace-Down" and "Through the Door — Bam!" There are no live links in the book, but there are links to some of the sites and people mentioned elsewhere on my blog page.

I am ready to do a sequel. In fact, I've already started. It was going to be a multi-chapter book, but I decided to make chapter two into a book of its own. OK, maybe not a sequel. What does a book have to do to qualify as a sequel? =)

So where is this book of mine? I have a paper version sitting on my desk at home, and an electronic copy on scribd and further down this page. Scroll down. You can't miss it.

(11/27/09) My blog page has undergone radical changes and the book is no longer on the blog. But it is available online here.