Friday, May 23, 2008

Two Methods in One.

It also occurred to me yesterday that if you wanted to solve all the edges first, then all the corners, you could do so using only the techniques given in my Layers Method. After getting 4 edges on one side, hold the cube so that side is the bottom. Now get all the middle layer edges. Now use steps 5 and 6 to get the top layer edges. At this point all of the edges are home, and only corners that happened to fall into place along the way. Step 7 can be used to solve all of the corners. Use it to put one at a time into place until there are only 3 left, then use Step 7 to put all 3 of them into place at once. Sometimes you can get 2 at a time. If you use setup moves you can do all the corners without having to do Step 8. But if you haven't figured setup moves out yet and just want to use Step 7 to get the corners into place, and Step 8 to twist them, that works too. So basically my Layers Method is an Edges First Method, only if you put the bottom corners into place along with the middle edges, it takes care of half the corners so you don't have to put them into place with the Step 7 moves.