Saturday, February 23, 2008

Family Fun

Last weekend we went up to Sierra Discovery Trail. It is the first time I've been there in the snow. We couldn't even drive all the way there, but went as far as we were comfortable with and walked the rest of the way. I took lots of pictures and put several of them at my Flickr page. Here are a couple of them.

Today I've created a lot of Flickr Sets and sorted pictures into sets. When you go to my Flickr page you should see a list of sets along the right that will help you navigate more quickly to sets of photos that may interest you. If you don't see the list click the robertpauljr's photostream link and it will take you to my main page which has the list of sets. Some day I may end up putting all the sets into collections, so instead of a list of sets you'll see a list of collections.

(December 2, 2009: I no longer pay for Flickr Pro so I think the sets and collections thing is limited. It may not work as described above.)