Thursday, January 31, 2008

Maxtor One Touch 4

So I have been working on cleaning up the MacBook hard drive, doing things with the movies instead of just storing them waiting until later, so that I can delete them from the internal drive. Like I made a DVD of Roark 2007, that includes everything besides the truck races on the driveway pages on my old blog site. I still have a mega huge job to do.

As far as the G4 iMac, there was nothing wrong with it at all. I just didn't understand that when one user is logged in, say Marae, that it doesn't list how much drive space the other user's files are taking up. Everything is now stored on the external drive so if I need to delete some movies or something from the internal drive, it's cool.

The G4 iMac is now Marae's and the G3 Blueberry is going to be the one Roark gets to use when he visits instead of the old old Performa. I need to load it up with the correct software. Actually Robert plans to install the drive out of his old, broken down G3 which we already loaded with tons of educational software a long long time ago.

Anybody want a Performa 6360 once I am sure I don't want it any more?

[added March 1, 2008] Yesterday I took the Performa to a friend who has an even older Performa with a monitor that no longer works.